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Wholesale Details for Barlow's Gourmet Products, Inc. Customers

Barlow's Gourmet offers its products to qualified vendors at wholesale rates.
Gourmet Food Markets, Butcher Shoppes, Hospitality, Instituitons & Chains can purchase Barlow's Gourmet Products meeting a minimum quantity.

For Distribution Information & Terms
To request a catalog please call (248)245.0393 or email dale@barlowsauce.com   

You may place orders via email or by phone or in person
If you would like a wholesale price list please email us.

         Ask About Our Gourmet Michigan Made Specialty Line       Gluten Free, Organic Or No Preservative Products

Mrs. Glee's Gluten Free Flour, Pasta, Cake, Cookie &  
Pancake Mixes, Gluten Free Granola's
 Organic Michigan Dried Fruits, Peanut Butters, Honey, Preserves, Gourmet Mustards,
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-Michigan Made Specialties Distribution Dale JB Barlow-
 -Michigan Sales 248.245.0393 dale@barlowsauce.com -

Phone: 248.245.0393

                             "Wine & Ale are proof that God loves us"

                                                                        -Irish Proverb-                              

-The History Of Grilling-

Central Europe, February 29,000 B.C.

A young hunter-gatherer makes his first kill. 
The wooly mammoth is sliced into large primal cuts and placed in a fire pit, luau style. 
With the meat in the pit, the hungry Neanderthals dig in immediately. The meat is satisfying, but tough and chewy. 
Soon all that is left is a rib section. It is on the outer edges of the fire pit where the fire was cooler and indirect.
 Now, the meat is very tender, smoky and tastes much better. 
Chicago, IL, February 1952

At the Weber Metal Works, a welder, George Stephens, begins his day. It so happens this man loves to grill. 
On this particular day, while getting ready to weld together two halves of a buoy and begin the assembly process, 
he decided that the half of buoy might make a nice grill base, and the other half a lid. 

Rose Twp, MI. Present Day

In a kitchen Dale Barlow prepares a Ham Glaze for his wife (Stephanie) she presents it at a work function, 
Turns out they loved it. The Barlow’s make its focus on local Farmers Markets, 
They add a marketing campaign that suggests  customers  bring back the jar for 50 cent credit, people do.

That was in 2008, you can now Find Barlow’s Gourmet Products 
in stores across Michigan. THANKS MICHIGAN……..

Thanks to the hungry Neanderthals, 
We’ve come a long way, I bet they wish they had some Barlow’s

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 For A History       Of Grilling
These are just a few of our products we are proud to have.We are always adding so be sure to check your Barlow's Catalog
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